Leah // Senior

It may have been mid-January, but the day I went out to shoot Leah's senior portraits felt more mid-March! The sun set slowly and the winds seemed to disappear. A rare Iowa day. 

Getting out of the house in the middle of winter to capture this gorgeous girl's photos was a breath of fresh air. It was even more fun to hear about what she has planned post-graduation.

Leah will be participating in a cross-cultural missions program called World Race, where she will travel for 9 months in 5 different countries. Leah will spend her days living out of a backpack and sharing the good news of Jesus as she learns to trust Him more. 

Take a peek at her blog if you want to know more about World Race or if you would like to partner with her financially.

I had to post this cute one of Leah and her mom :)

Leah 28.jpg