Since the summer wedding has season ended, my camera has sat in my closet. Student teaching, wedding planning, and relationships have taken the lead in my life as of late. Life is moving fast, and until this weekend, photography had slowly evolved into a frustration.

"If only I could get this last session done. If only I could only get these pictures to my clients. If only I was done for the wedding season. If only, if only, if, if, if..."

This past weekend, I had a senior session. As the batteries charged and the lenses were cleaned, I remembered the joy that photography brings - the joy that reminds me that I am so lucky to use this talent as a job. Not to mention that it rarely even feels like a "real job". After the senior session, I grabbed one of my best friends, and we raced the setting sun to take a few more photos in the dwindling November light.  

Capturing beauty. Adoring God's creation. Spending time with people. Creating art.
I am thankful for warm November days, friends to share them with, and a camera to capture it all.