Forrest & Thea // Proposal

It's 6:30am. I'm squatting on a pile of rocks in a bush, waiting for Forrest and Thea to show up to Big Woods Lake. Forrest and I had planned that I would capture the proposal the night before, but a big rainstorm led him to Plan B. I had asked Forrest to walk over to the "blue bench" where he would pop the question and I would snap away. 

As I'm hunched over on the rocks, I get a text from Forrest asking, "Can you see us?" I crane my neck through the weeds to take a look around without revealing my location. At that moment my heart sank because I realized that when I told him to go to the blue bench, I forgot to inform him that there were TWO blue benches. 

As the photos show, they eventually made their way over to the other blue bench, he asked for her hand in marriage, and now they are less than one month away from their wedding date! I can't wait for these two to get married, and for Forrest and Thea to be our next-door neighbors! Congrats, you two!

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Ayla & Isaac // Engaged

"All I've waited for's come true
To be young and dumb and in love
With you, you, you, you

With you, you, you, you"
- Matt Kearney

After surprise shooting Ayla and Isaac's proposal early this summer, I was overjoyed when they asked me to be their engagement photographer as well! These two are so precious. Exploring Cedar Rapids in the sweet summer light with Ayla and Isaac made for such a fun evening! Next June can't come soon enough! I'm so forward to capturing their wedding day. 

Ayla & Isaac // Proposal

"What are you doing Friday night?"

A text from my friend Maureen can only ever mean good things. When she asked me to shoot her best friend's proposal, I squealed! I have been dying to shoot a proposal and hadn't yet had the opportunity.

It was such a beautiful evening. Issac surprised his girl, Ayla, at her home for what she thought was going to be an early birthday dinner with family. To her surprise, there were flowers and photos everywhere, with beautiful music playing in the background while her best friends and family walked her down to the lakeside where Isaac was waiting. The rest of the evening was spent with close family and friends at a surprise party at Fireside Pub & Steakhouse.

I took way too many photos and have no regrets about it. They are an adorable couple and I am so thrilled for these two as they begin planning their wedding! Congrats Isaac and Ayla!

LJ & Steph // Engaged

Several years ago, Steph walked into the West Gym at UNI as a freshman for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, looking forward to growing in her faith as a college athlete. What she didn’t know is that she would also meet her future husband right there on the bleachers! It’s been a journey over the years as Steph continued at UNI in her education and to play basketball, while LJ traveled the country for football. The two will finally be together as they get married later this summer! Their relationship is so sweet and I am beyond excited to be capturing their wedding day in the weeks to come!