Andrews // Wedding

I met Heidi and Alex in college at the University of Northern Iowa. My college roommate and I would often joke about getting into prank wars with Alex and his roommate, but the reality was that he totally crushed us and was frequently caught "stealing" things from our dorm room or changing the backgrounds of our laptops to cute quokkas (google it).

When Heidi came into the picture, I was so thrilled that Alex had found the girl of his dreams! They make an awesome couple, always finding time to laugh about the little things. These two are such a fun-loving and goofy couple, which made photographing their wedding a total breeze! Jonathan and I even have the pleasure of now being in the same small group as Heidi and Alex! I'm excited to see how their marriage grows in the likeness of Christ and His church, glorifying God for years to come. 

Heid and Alex, thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

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